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  • News

    • People’s SAARC Punjab Strategy meeting held

      People’s SAARC Pakistan, organised strategy meeting in Lahore, Punjab on 14 October at Progressive Labour Federation office. Over 40 activists from peasants’ organisations, women’s organisations, trade unions, social and political activists attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Nazli...

    • People’s SAARC Regional Convergence 2014 organised in Nepal

      South Asian people's movements (women, youth, peasants, labour, socially marginalised groups) and civil society organisations organised a regional convergence from 22 to 24 November 2014 in the form of People's SAARC, parallel to the 18th SAARC Summit in Kathmandu, Nepal. The overarching theme of...

    • People's SAARC Regional Planning Meeting held

      People's SAARC Regional Planning Meeting heldThe regional planning meeting of People’s SAARC was organised on 14 September 2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal.  The planning meeting mainly focused on People’s SAARC mobilisation at the national and regional level for the regional convergence of People’s SAARC, which will be organised in Kathmandu, Nepal....

  • People's SAARC in Media

    • Nepal: People's SAARC challenges regional elite's agenda

      By Farooq Tariq The 18th South Asian Associations for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) summit took place at Kathmandu, Nepal on November 25 and 26. The heads of the eight states of South Asia took part in the summit. Kathmandu was a showcase of what has happened repeatedly in the three decades since the...

    • People's SAARC wraps up with 24-point declaration

      HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE KATHMANDU: The three-day long People’s SAARC Convergence-2014 concluded today with a 24-point declaration. People’s SAARC also handed over the declaration to the government of Nepal as Nepal is hosting the 18th SAARC Summit. Coordinator of People’s SAARC Regional Convergence...

    • People’s SAARC kicks off in capital, around 80 issues to be discussed

      Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bam Dev Gautam has said the government was committed to  promulgating an inclusive, proportional and democratic constitution within coming January 22. Opening the People’s SAARC Regional Convergence amidst a programme here Saturday, Minister...

Civil society (people's movements and NGOs) have been working together for some time to forge a people to people forum in the SAARC region and to enable non-government voices to come together at the regional level. In 1994, a meeting was held in Kathmandu to discuss ways to foster cooperation, solidarity and action at the people-to-people level in a fragmented South Asia. The South Asian Forum on Human Rights (SAFHR) hosted the meeting, and participants drafted an 18-point Statement of Concerns, which was handed over to the SAARC Secretary General.

The following year, a consultation on the "Alternative Agenda for South Asian People's Solidarity" jointly organised by INSAF, INSEC, PILER and PP21 (People's Plan for the 21st century) was held in New Delhi. Participants sought an alternative agenda for a People's SAARC to address the concerns and aspirations of the people, reflecting the struggle for empowerment, livelihood and dignity of the South Asian people as a whole. This meeting produced a 14-point agenda for action. In 1996, the 1st SAARC People's Forum was held, and lobbied the official SAARC meeting on the issue of trafficking. This led to an acknowledgement at the 9th SAARC summit that trafficking is a grave concern for the region, and a commitment to develop a convention on the trafficking of women and children. The 2nd SAARC People's Forum further lobbied to change the text of the draft convention, and thereby impact on the policy framework of SAARC.